The Endless Summer

Pure Surf Travel Inspiration

The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer is a groundbreaking 1966 surf documentary. It follows two young surfers from California who travel the world in search of the perfect wave. The title comes from the idea that, if a surfer had enough time and money they could make summer endless by following it around the world.

"On any day of the year, it's summer somewhere in the world."

The Endless Summer

"Fifty years after the film was released, the perfect wave still inspires surfers to take off across the globe. Their footprints might wash away from the sand, but their treks have changed the world forever."

L.A. Weekly

On their travels, the surfers meet colorful locals who had never even seen a surfboard before and introduce them to surfing. They learn a lot about other cultures, but they also learn a lot about themselves. They live their dream, and do in a few months what most people will never do in a lifetime.

"The Endless Summer popularized not just surfing, but also a charming fantasy about a life of exotic locales, perpetual youth and the pursuit of simple pleasure under a warming sun… An endless summer awaits, and it's beautiful to contemplate."

The Washington Post

The Endless Summer is a timeless masterpiece that still captures the imagination of surfers and travelers today. It is the most influential surf movie ever made. Once you have seen it, your search for the perfect wave may never end. The film is pure surf travel inspiration.

Surf Travel

The Endless Summer started the surf travel culture. It inspired surfers around the world to travel in search of perfect, empty waves. It also inspired them to travel to exotic new lands to meet new people and experience new cultures.

According to the World Surf League there are 35 million surfers in the world. The Center for Surf Research surveyed 3,000 surfers and found nearly 70% of them traveled overseas to surf within the last five years.

A lot of people think traveling is a faraway dream, but it is easier and cheaper now more than ever because of the internet.

Before even leaving home, you can get surf travel inspiration from watching live surf webcams and getting up-to-date surf forecasts on any surf spot in the world.

Once you have decided to travel, you can book cheap flights, accommodations, or surf camps yourself or you can hire a surf travel company to book your entire trip for you.

The internet also allows you to work online from anywhere in the world, now. So if you really wanted to chase summer surfing around the world like the movie, The Endless Summer, you could by working online.

There are many benefits of surf travel and every surfer should travel to surf at least once in their life. It will make you better surfer by new waves, and a better person by experiencing new cultures.

“The best time to surf travel was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


Imagine flying to Southeast Asia and getting barreled in Bali, Indonesia? Or spending a month in Siargao, Philippines learning how to surf?

Traveling to exotic, faraway locations to surf the best waves on earth is not just for pro surfers anymore. It is for you.

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