East Asia

From ultramodern cities to world-class waves

East Asia

East Asia is a subregion in Asia and one of the origins of world civilization. It now has some of the world’s largest cities and most successful economies. The region makes up about 22% of the global population.

It is known for its ultramodern cities, ancient temples, eclectic cuisine, hot springs, and beautiful scenery. It is a popular destination with luxury travelers and is one of the safest regions for traveling.

Surfing is becoming more popular in East Asia and you can find some world-class waves.

The best surf spots are in Japan and Taiwan, but you can still find good waves in China and South Korea. There is even surf in secluded North Korea.

East Asia Surf

Best Surf Spots in East Asia

Surfing travels don’t come more unique than visits to East Asia. You’ll find exceptional swells, pristine waters, and golden beaches.

surfer on wave in Japan

Best Surf Spots in Japan

Japan has a long coastline with many surf spots and good surf conditions all year-round. Find out the best surf spots in Japan.

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