Best Surf Spots in East Asia

East Asia's Best Surf

Best Surf Spots in East Asia

Many surfers dream of seeing every surf spot in their lifetime. Surfing travels don’t come more unique than visits to East Asia, with some great spots in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea – and even North Korea!  You’ll find exceptional swells, pristine waters, and golden beaches sprawled throughout the region. The cultures that surround them make these destinations even more special. Here are some of the best surf spots in East Asia.

Surfer in Hainan, China
Hainan Island | Photo:

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China is a large country in East Asia, sharing borders with 14 countries and has coasts along the Korea Bay, South China Sea, East China Sea, and Yellow Sea. It is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. 

Going to China to surf may not be your first choice, but surfing is slowly starting to pick up, especially in Hainan Island. China may not have the same type of surf culture as Indonesia or Hawaii, but there are a number of surf spots with ridable waves.

Hainan Island

Surfing has not become apparent in China until recently. Now, things are changing – and undoubtedly, Hainan Island is the surf capital of the country. The best spots shift between the southern shores in the summer months and the east in the winter. Hainan has a tropical climate to provides year-round surf opportunities with beautiful sand beaches and good swells.

Shilaoren Beach

Shilaoren Beach in Qingdao City perfectly captures the rise in surf popularity. It can be a bit cool during winter. But during the summer – waves cater to all surfers.

Riyue Bay

Probably the most famous surf spot in China is Riyue Bay, located in Wanning City. You could argue that this is the home of Chinese surfing – as the government is fully supportive of the sport. Beautiful beaches and decent swell make for a rewarding East Asian surf session.

Tai Long Wan Bay | Photo:

China | Hong Kong | Japan | Taiwan | North Korea | South Korea

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It was once a British colony, and also has cultural influences from Vancouver and Vietnam. It serves as a major hub in East Asia, and is a large tourism destination.

The surf scene in Hong Kong has been around for years, unlike mainland China. When you’re looking to escape the city, head to Hong Kong’s sandy beaches. You can find some big waves that are perfect for surfing.

Tai Long Wan Bay

Most people consider Hong Kong an urban sprawl. But there are plenty of natural coves and bays serving as excellent surf spots. Tai Long Wan Bay is one of them – and even though waves are inconsistent, it’s a breathtaking place to sit on your board.

Cheng Sha

Cheng Sha is Hong Kong’s premier surf spot – harboring some of the best swells in the region. Surfing is year-round, but you’ll find the best waves in the summer months.

Japan | Photo:

China | Hong Kong | Japan | Taiwan | North Korea | South Korea


Located in the northwest Pacific Ocean in East Asia, Japan is and island country with over 1,800 miles of coastline. It shares its borders with the East China Sea, the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk. 

Thanks to the tropical climate in the southern islands and regular swell activity from the Pacific Ocean, there are surfable waves year-round in Japan.

Tsurigasaki Beach

There are a couple of reasons why this beach is becoming world-renowned for surfers. One – it is hosting the surfing competition for the Olympics. Two – over 600,000 surfers a year visit the sandy coastline. That speaks volumes of the quality waves that you will find here – easily accessible being just 40 miles from Tokyo.

Tokushima Prefecture

Celebrated by many in Japan as one of the best surf spots with idyllic conditions most of the year – and magnificent scenic backdrop. There are many spots on the coastline with great swells between June and November.

Isonoura Beach

All but a stone’s throw away from Osaka city is Isonoura Beach – a popular weekend getaway for surfers. It can get busy at times, but the clean breaks and clear waters are worth the session.

Surfer catches wave at Taitung, Taiwan
Taitung | Photo:

China | Hong Kong | Japan | Taiwan | North Korea | South Korea


Taiwan can be found north of the Philippines and to the southwest of Japan. This island country is surrounded by the Taiwan Strait, the Luzon Strait, and the East China, South China and Philippine Seas. 

The tropical weather helps the ocean water stay warm, making it a great surfing destination any time of the year. The waves in Taiwan are suited for all levels of surfers, and the lineups remain relatively uncrowded.

Donghe, Taitung

If you’re a surfer looking for wave consistency year-round – this Taiwanese spot is hard to beat. It may not be the most welcoming to beginners, but the destination is a must-travel location for any surfers in the intermediate skill level and above. 

Take your surf session around mid-morning, and you won’t be sorry!

Waiao Beach

Waiao Beach might be one of the more unusual spots you surf – the sands are all black. Don’t let that scare you away though, there are some brilliant rides to be had with the growing number of local surfers.


Taiwan has plenty of surf gems located throughout the island – Jialeshui is probably the most hidden. The beaches are rocky and don’t look attractive, but they also keep it less populated. Surfers will find waves as good as any here.

Majon Hotel Beach | Photo:

China | Hong Kong | Japan | Taiwan | North Korea | South Korea

North Korea

North Korea is a country in East Asia located in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. It shares borders with China, Russia, and South Korea, along with the Yellow Sea and Korea Bay to its west and the Sea of Japan to the east. 

Bali, the Philippines, and Japan may come to mind when you think of surfing, but North Korea? Tourist travel is only possible if you’re part of a guided tour, and URI Tours runs surf tour adventures and promotes the surf culture.

There are still many surf gems in North Korea to be discovered, but here are a couple surf spots worth noting.


Here’s a location that is mostly fantasized by surf travelers worldwide. Sonbong provides crystal clear waters, magnificent swell, and majestic surrounding mountains. The trouble is getting there. Traveling to and around North Korea is pretty tricky these days, let alone surfing it. If you are somehow able to convince local authorities to surf there – it would be an experience.

Majon Hotel Beach

This private beach near Pyongyang has some surf schools to teach the locals and some decent swell to attract seasoned surfers.


Wonsan is a very accessible spot open to surfers of all skill levels – but mainly tailored for beginners. Outside of the surf, you’ll find some gorgeous scenery to explore, including a pristine freshwater lake.

Jukdo, YangYang | Photo:

China | Hong Kong | Japan | Taiwan | North Korea | South Korea

South Korea

South Korea is located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and shares a border with North Korea. Japan is southeast, just a short ferry ride away.

Surfing is becoming more popular in South Korea, and there are beautiful beaches with good waves to catch. There are surf spots for all skill levels, and it’s possible to surf year-round in certain areas in southern South Korea, thanks to its warmer weather.


Journalists have named YangYang as a ‘mecca for surfers.’ That’s not a concept to take lightly – but it’s easy to see why they have called it such. Miles of white, sandy beaches stretch the coastline – with waves of varying swell providing a haven for all surfers. Even though it may be chilly, the best surfing can come in winter.


Goheung is one of the more recent developments in the Korean surfing community but has quickly become a favorite of the locals. The breathtaking environment around the sublime waves complements the whole atmosphere.


Majestic mountains look over this small town and watch over the ever-breaking waves of South Korea’s western coast. All surfers are accommodated with a very welcoming culture and local government encouragement.

Surf Somewhere New, Try Eastern Asia

Traveling to Eastern Asia to take advantage of their breathtaking spots can be an exciting surf travel adventure. Most surfers tend to stick around Southeast Asia – but a trip to the east is something different on all levels. If you are presented the opportunity, there are many rewarding surf experiences on trips to China, South Korea, or Japan.

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