Benefits of Caffeine for Surfers

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Top 5 Benefits of Caffeine for Surfers

Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee in the morning? Surfers certainly do – including all those energy and sports drinks seen all around surf spots. Why do they like them so much? Because of the caffeine properties in them. Not as well know a fact – caffeine helps do more than just give you a jolt to get your day started.

Caffeine is one of the most useful tools to get the best out of a surf session. It keeps the body in check while under intense pressure by stimulation. Should you be heading for days surf, it’s usually recommended to carry some sort of caffeinated drink with you to help with your surf. We’ve compiled the benefits caffeine delivers for surfers: Here are some of the benefits of caffeine for surfers:

Caffeine improves your concentration and alertness

In every surf session, you need to make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Not only to catch the best waves but to reaffirm your safety as well. Consuming caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and gets your brain in gear. A cup of coffee can help concentrate on the pulse of the water and your movement.

It helps get better reaction times and focus

Even small surfing sessions can take a lot of energy out of you. When you are tired, the body’s response time and focus naturally drop. This can be concerning for such an intense activity – surfing needs your full attention to get the most rewarding session. Caffeine helps wake up your body to react better and channel focus.

It keeps sun damage on your eyes at a minimum

When out surfing, you’ll be spending quite a lot of time in the sun. Even if your body is protected by lotions and surf apparel, your eyes are at risk from sun damage. Consuming caffeine can help reduce these risks with the alkaloid properties in the substance. It helps calm the sun’s UV rays on your retinas.

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It helps faster recovery from intense surfing activity

Caffeine wakes your body up in more ways than just paying attention. Having a cup of coffee or energy drink also stimulates muscle glycogen – meaning it helps your muscles regenerate faster. Great to know if you’re planning consistent surf sessions – you can keep enjoying the waves more times a day without feeling the burn.

Caffeine reduces swelling in muscles

As well as helping muscle regeneration, caffeine can also help prevent swelling too. Drinks such as coffee have many antioxidants that soothe your muscles and stops them from swelling up. During and after an intense surf session, you’ll definitely want to keep your body in balance.

Get Fueled Up Before You Hit The Waves!

Caffeinated drinks are widely available – some are even custom-made for surfers. Wherever you plan to hit the waves, there’s likely a store or cafe dedicated to getting surfers fueled up. They also provide a great place to wind down and share tales of your epic surf session. So what’s your preferred caffeine for surfing?

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