Surfing Sun Protection

Surfing Sun Protection

There’s nothing more exciting than an epic surfing session. Amid all the adrenaline, it can be easy to forget that there’s a sun shining that can cause you harm. If you’re not careful, sunburn can cause problems and detract from the already beneficial surf session. Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to protect yourself.

How to Protect Yourself from The Sun While Surfing

Being in the water for even a small amount of time magnifies the sunlight when it touches your body. Burns can happen before you know it. Surfers prefer to be feeling great every session and take protective measures before entering the ocean. Here are five ways to protect yourself from the sun while surfing.

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Apply sunscreen before the ride

While it should go without saying to anybody planning to spend a day in the sun – it is essential to apply sunscreen to protect yourself. Check that all your exposed skin is covered with lotion – where higher factors and strengths are recommended. Apply it before you get in the water to allow time for your skin to absorb it.

Keep applying it regularly

You’ll be spending a lot of time in the water each session, and you’ll be exposed to the sun a lot. Sunscreen can wash off quickly even when it’s applied well. Take some time between waves to reapply your lotion as thoroughly as possible to make sure that you can last longer in the water. Too much sun exposure can take the sting out of your ride!

Cover yourself up with protective surfing apparel

Not only does surfing gear help stabilize your posture on the board, but many pieces of apparel are also tailor-made to protect you from the sun. Wearing wetsuits or rashguards can help protect your body against sunburn.

Even a hat would be very beneficial in protecting your head and face. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen to exposed skin.


Take your surf sessions outside of peak sunlight

Sunlight is at its harshest around midday – and can drain surfers’ energy quickly should you take a session around this time. Surfing is considered best around the dawn or dusk hours where the sun is weaker. These times also provide the best backdrop for your surf – beautiful, shimmering sunlight can enhance your session.

Apply zinc to particularly exposed areas

High factor sunscreen can be of assistance in protecting your exposed skin against the sun. The most effective product to protect your sensitive areas is zinc, however. Applying the block to areas such as your nose, face, and ears will help prevent some painful sunburns. Zinc is widely available in any place with a surfing population.

Keeping the Worries of the Sun Away Makes the Best Surf Session

Whether you’re taking up surfing for the first time and learning how to surf – or a well-seasoned professional, protection from the sun is always a top priority to get the most enjoyment out of your sessions. There’s nothing worse than getting sunburned and then spending days away from the water recovering from it. Make sure you are fully sun-protected – before, during, and after your session.

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