Best Surf Spots in Southeast Asia

The Best Surf In All Of Asia

Best Surf Spots in Southeast Asia

If somebody mentioned a surfing holiday to you – what area would you think of? Australia, California, or Hawaii? Those are all the traditional places associated with surfing. But Southeast Asia easily ranks as one of the best regions in the world. There are a large number of surf spots that tap into their unique features. Brilliant waves, gorgeous scenery, and immersive culture will create the surfing holiday of a lifetime. Here are the best surf spots in Southeast Asia.

Man riding a wave at Mentawai surf spot in Indonesia
Mentawai Islands, Sumatra

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Indonesia is the premier surf destination in Asia. The island of Bali is the most popular surf spot in Southeast Asia. It has some of the best waves in the world and is a top surf destination for professional surfers. The best surf spots in Indonesia are:

Uluwatu, Bali

Bali is arguably where the surfing revolution in Asia started – and the spot certainly lives up to its ideal as a spiritual surf home. Not only are the waves sublime, the climate warm, and the environments beautiful – many renowned surf companies have based their operations here. There’s a reason why so many surfers travel here year after year.

If you are looking for a definitive surfing adventure, Uluwatu on Bali’s southwest corner will provide that thrill. The coastline serves as the home of big wave surfing in Asia – and while there is an epic surf to be had, it’s probably best for more advanced surfers.


Off the southwest coast of Sumatra, you’ll find Mentawais. Trust us when we say that you’ll find no better surf spot in the world than here. Waves are consistent with sizes that can get up to 7 feet in height.

Siargao Island, Philippines | Photo:

Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Brunei | Cambodia


The Philippines is the second most popular surf country in Southeast Asia, next to Indonesia. Siargao is the surf capital of the Philippines and its Cloud 9 reef break is the top surf spot in the country. The best surf spots in the Philippines are:


Siargao is not only home to some of the best surfing in the Philippines, but Southeast Asia as a whole – possibly even the world. The aptly named Cloud 9 beach has some of the highest quality surf breaks – where professionals come to take advantage of the brilliantly formed waves. There are areas accessible to amateurs and intermediates too.

La Union

La Union has some supreme breaks catering to all, but San Juan is the most popular and is known as the surfing capital of the Northern Philippines. 

The waves are world-class, and on a good day can reach up to 10 feet. There are also many places to hang after your surf session is done for the day.

Guiuan and Calicoan Island

Wow, this place is beautiful. Apart from the lush greenery and crystal clear waters, you’ll find some of the most epic barrel surf around Southeast Asia. A trip to make for intermediate to advanced surfers.

A wave and surfers surfing in Phuket, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand | Photo:

Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Brunei | Cambodia


Thailand is becoming a popular surf destination in Southeast Asia. The best surf spots are in Phuket along the Andaman Sea. The best surf spots in Thailand are:

Kata Beach, Phuket

While Thailand may not have the most amazing surf in Southeast Asia, that does not mean there are no waves to be ridden! Kata Beach is a spot mainly for beginners – but has some stunning scenery for those looking for a relaxing surf session.

Bang Tao Beach, Thailand

This beach on the island of Phuket is one of Thailand’s premier surf spots. The breaks incorporate everything a surfer could ask for – power, movement, and direction. This spot also features some of the most luxurious amenities in Southeast Asia – so when you’re done with your surf, you can relax like no other.

Surin Beach

The high tides are why Surin Beach has been listed as one of the best surf spots in the world. Though waves can be inconsistent, you’ll be sure to catch some of the best rides of your life here.

man catches a wave in Vietnam
Bai Dai, Vietnam | Photo:

Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Brunei | Cambodia


Vietnam has always been popular with backpackers to Southeast Asia, but surfing is still new and underrated. The country has a long coastline with many unexplored surf breaks. The best surf spots in Vietnam are: 

Bai Dai Beach

There wouldn’t be the best spot list without a location that is welcoming to beginners and pros. Bai Dai Beach is an excellent location that embraces everyone. Long shorelines assign spacious areas to different skill levels, with dreamy swells and sugary sands to enjoy. Vietnam is the perfect location for your next surf holiday.

China Beach

The long and sandy beach stretch of clear, tall waves has made China Beach a popular surf spot in Vietnam. A good day’s surf is met by the aftermath of the numerous bars, restaurants, and culture around the area.

Vung Tau

This cozy seaside town is very accommodating to surfers of all skills. Beginners and intermediates can enjoy the laid-back nature of the location. Enjoy the atmosphere while riding gentle waves to improve your surfing skills.

surfers looking at huge wave in cherating malaysia
Cherating Beach, Malaysia | Photo:

Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Brunei | Cambodia


Part of Malaysia is located on the Southeast Asia peninsula, and the other part is located on the island of Borneo.

West Malaysia shares a border with Thailand and is connected by a bridge to the island of Singapore. It has a coastline on the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca. East Malaysia is located on the island of Borneo and shares borders with Indonesia and Brunei. The best surf spots in Malaysia are:


The laid-back atmosphere and natural conditions of Pahang make for a surf spot to cherish. A fishing village by trade, recently surfers of all levels have traveled here to ride the swell of Cherating that gets up to 5 feet. There are also nearby nature sanctuaries surfers can enjoy to get in tune with their cultural appreciation of nature.

Batu Burok

This surf spot is friendly to all who want to enjoy a fully-catered vacation. Families from all over the world come to enjoy the consistent beaches and amenities and watch the pros surf in competitions.

Tanjung Balau Beach

The proximity to Singapore makes this spot very attractive to urban surfers seeking a getaway. You won’t find the most adventurous waves here, but there’s enough to still get your surfing fix – away from the city life.

large wave in myanmar
Myanmar | Photo: Emiliano Mazzoni

Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Brunei | Cambodia


Myanmar was previously called Burma. It is a country in Southeast Asia with a coastline on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Myanmar borders Bangladesh and India to the west, China to the north, and Laos and Thailand to the east. The best surf spots in Myanmar are:


Surfing in Myanmar isn’t widespread, considering there isn’t much swell heading its way. There are certainly places to catch some simple waves like the tourist beach of Ngapli – well catered to visitors with decent wave breaks.

Ngwe Saung

If you’re looking for a bit more of a thrill when you’re in Myanmar, Ngwe Saung has some good waves during the monsoon season. It may be a bit more tailored for advanced surfers but serves as a must-try destination.

man riding an artificial wave on a FlowRider
Surf Cove, Singapore | Photo: Wave House Sentosa

Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Brunei | Cambodia


Singapore is an island city in Southeast Asia located between Malaysia and Indonesia. This ultramodern megacity has beautiful white sand beaches and artificial surfing waves.

Surf Cove

Singapore mainly serves as a hub to get to other surfing destinations throughout Southeast Asia, considering it doesn’t really have any swell. If you are looking to scratch that surfing itch while in town, Surf Cove has a fantastic wave rider to get a pseudo surf session.

Changi Beach

Singapore does lack the consistency of good surf given the position the city-state is located. However, on rare occasions, surfers will be able to take up the unique urban setting of Changi Beach. Once every so often, decent waves for beginner surfers will appear.

Pantai Tungku, Brunei
Pantai Tungku | Photo: Cris at

Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Brunei | Cambodia


Brunei is yet another country that doesn’t frequently make the world map of surfing – still, there are great surf sessions to be had. 

Pantai Tungku

Pantai Tungku has some excellent swell year-round and is suited to surfers of all skill levels.

Berakas Coastal Park

Berakas Coastal Park is more of a relaxation spot than any. Beginner surfers will find a lot to love here, but those with more advanced skills may want to head up the Brunei coast more.


Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Brunei | Cambodia


While Cambodia is more well-known for its ancient temples and lively cities, you can do a bit of surfing during the wet season. 

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is renowned as Cambodia’s premier surf destination – mainly because it’s the only viable one! This location isn’t surfable all year round. But when the monsoon season comes around – Bamboo Island is a must. The aqua waters provide some sublime swells and great rides to the golden shorelines.

Enjoy the Surfing Experiences Southeast Asia Has To Offer

There are so many epic surf spots in Southeast Asia, making it a great choice for your next surf vacation. The surf conditions are not only ideal, but the local cultures, cuisine, and adventure behind them are a marvelous experience. As an esteemed surfer – you simply have to visit if you haven’t already.

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Best Surf Spots in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has some of the best waves in the world. The best surf spots in Southeast Asia are found in Indonesia and the Philippines.

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