Beginner Surfer Mistakes

Starting surfing can be challenging as there’s a lot to remember. The whole point is to have fun. But often, surfers will find it frustrating when they can’t catch the waves. You may not be able to figure out what’s going wrong – there are a few common mistakes that beginners make that stunt development. Here are a few things to help improve your surfing experience while you’re learning how to surf.

Common Beginner Surfer Mistakes

When starting out surfing – there are a few mistakes that beginners will make repeatedly. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – we’re here to identify the most common ones to help improve. Find below the most common mistakes that beginner surfers make. Remember, just keep practicing – and you’ll be riding pretty in no time!

longboards in a row

Not warming up or practicing on dry land

The excitement of surfing may hinder you from remembering to warm up and practice. While it’s understandable – not warming up can affect your surf session. You’ll want to loosen up those joints and get the blood flowing for maximum focus and movement. You can practice pop-ups and paddles on dry land to free up those muscles.

Having an incorrect stance on your board

The correct stance on your board will come naturally – and take some practice. You will need to be in the right place to get the best out of your ride. Not having the correct positioning will mean you’ll fall off your board quite a lot – and not being able to catch the wave. Keep a low center of gravity to keep your balance – and a smooth ride.

Using the wrong surfboard

It’s easy to think when you are starting surfing that any old board will do. Surfboards are tailored to people depending on their size and surf style. As a beginner, you’ll want a surfboard that is adapted to your skill level. Usually, you’ll start out on a longboard to help catch the waves a bit easier.

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Your feet are in the wrong spot

It’s all good and well to have your stance down – but if your feet are in the wrong place, you’re going to struggle. You’ll need to have your feet pointing to the side and not forward – a common mistake beginners make when popping up. Get used to getting your feet facing sideways so you’ll be able to maneuver the board.

Not popping up correctly

Popping upright takes a lot of practice – don’t worry if you’re not getting this immediately. It’s all about the timing and technique – pushing up with your arms and chest to land your feet in the center. This can be practiced on dry land to get the hang of it – then you’ll coordinate with the waves.

You’re Not Learning If You Don’t Make Mistakes

Don’t be ashamed or feel embarrassed by making the common beginner mistakes – practice makes perfect. Even professional surfers had to start somewhere – some will even offer tips on how they learned. If you’re ever struggling to overcome some of the issues with riding the board – just ask a surfer. They’ll more than likely be happy to help!

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