How to Surf

How to Surf

Everybody has to start somewhere, even the most seasoned professionals have their first try at surfing. The activity may look a little tricky, but in reality, it’s easy to get going. Once you learn the basics, you only get better from there. Here is a simple and quick guide on how to surf.

Steps to Learning How to Surf

Surfing lessons are always recommended when you are first starting out. It allows the opportunity to ask questions and get help from experienced surfers. There’s no issue with trying yourself, though! Grab yourself a large and thick surfboard for beginners, a rashguard, apply some sunscreen, and attach the leash to your foot. Now you’re ready to take the following steps:

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Start by getting out in the water with your board and paddling towards the beach

The first thing you’ll want to do is get used to your surfboard and the waves’ motion. Lay your board on the water and get down on it with your chest downwards, toes at the tail, chin up, and looking forward. Practice padding out to the wave. Once you’ve found a small one, practice paddling towards the beach to get in sync with the water’s direction.

Ride the waves on your board, and find your balance

There’s no need to start popping up trying to be a pro just yet. You’ll need to get accustomed to balancing on the board first! Paddle out to the small waves and keep trying to catch one, swimming towards the beach before it breaks. Once the wave catches your board – ride it belly flat with your hands grasping each side of the board.

Keep riding the foam until you feel comfortable

This is something that you will need to keep practicing until you find comfort in your balance. Waves can be unpredictable, and the waters choppy – something can always throw you off. 

Once you are successfully riding waves all the way to the shoreline – that’s when you know you’ll be able to move to the next level.

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Try hopping up on your board during the ride

It’s recommended to return to the beach to practice hopping up on your board. The technique consists of jumping up in one single movement with your feet spread in the center of the board. Land with your knees bent and your feet sideways. Extend your arms and hands to help in maintaining your balance. Try that a few times on the shore, then take it out into the water. Pop up at the same time you were moving with the wave before.

Keep practicing!

Don’t get frustrated – just keep going! Learning how to surf takes a few times to get used to, but once you’ve managed to pop up and ride the wave to the shore, congratulations – you are surfing! Keep practicing until you get a level of consistency in your ride – and understand the importance of balance when riding.

Now You Know The Basics, You’ll Only Get Better!

Once you have the first few steps down – it’s all getting better from here! There’s nothing that feels better than riding your first few waves, and once you are catching more than you are falling – you’ll continue to improve. Even if you are experienced, there is nothing wrong with a few lessons or questions to raise your skill. So what are you waiting for? Get surfing!

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