Bukit Peninsula

The Best Surf in South Bali

Bukit Peninsula

Level: Intermediate – Advance
Best months: May – September

South Bali is the Bukit Peninsula. It is a large peninsula located in the southern tip of the island. It would be an island of its own if it was not connected to Bali by a sliver of land. The Bukit is home to some of the best reef breaks in the world and the most legendary waves in Bali. The views are breathtaking and beaches are stunning.

Man surfing huge wave at Uluwatu surf break
Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


Uluwatu is one of the most iconic surf breaks in the world and the most legendary surf spot in Bali.

Traveling surfers discovered the Bukit Peninsula in the late 1960s, but it was the classic 1971 surf travel film, Morning of the Earth that showed Uluwatu to the world for the first time ever.

Uluwatu is a wide reef break that is exposed to the full power of the Indian Ocean. If the waves at Kuta Beach is 6 feet high, the waves at Uluwatu are 12 feet high and double overhead. And when the biggest swells of the year hit the island, the outer reef breaks at Uluwatu turn into big wave surf spots with 15 feet high, triple overhead surf.

Uluwatu has five breaks named The Peak, Racetracks, Outside Corner, Temples, and Bombie. Each break is different depending on the swell, the tide, and the time of day.

The Peak is the first break at Uluwatu. It is at the mouth of the famous cave, which is the entry and exit point to Uluwatu. It works on all tides but barrels best on small swells at high tide. Low tide often closes out.

Racetracks gets its name because from its speed. It is a fast wave that works best at low tide. The end section has a big barrel, but if you cutback you can miss it because of the speed.

Outside Corner is at the outer reef of Uluwatu. It is considered one of the best waves in the world. The wave is long, fast, thick and heavy, but it only breaks on the biggest swells at low tide. When swell picks up, Outside Corner connects The Peak and Racetracks.

Temples gets it is name from the iconic Uluwatu Temple on the cliff. It is a long and hollow wave best surfed from mid to high tide. Temples is the least crowded break because of the long paddle to get to the surf.

Bombie is the furthest break on the outer reef of Uluwatu. On big swells it can be over 15 feet and triple overhead. It is a big and powerful wave infamous for snapping the thickest boards and leashes.

Uluwatu can be surfed at all tides on small to medium swells. On big swells it is best surfed at low tide because the strong currents make it too difficult to exit the cave

An aerial view of Padang Padang beach in Bali, Indonesia
Padang, Padang, Bali, Indonesia

Padang Padang

Padang Padang is big, fast left hand barrel that breaks over sharp and shallow reef. It is called the Balinese Pipeline because it breaks like the infamous Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. On big swells, Padang Padang can produce some of the biggest barrels in Indonesia. Some even say it is the most dangerous wave in Bali. 

When Padang Padang is on, professional surfers fly in from around the world to surf it. But for it to be ‘on’ the conditions must be perfect, which is rare. 

Padang Padang is for expert and professional surfers only. But there is a break in front of the beach that is good for beginners and intermediates.


Impossibles can be a frustrating and difficult wave to read. But when the conditions are right, it can be an excellent wave with fast rides, half a kilometer long. It is a long stretch of reef, which helps spread out the crowds. 

There are two main take off sections at this break. The top section is best on small swells, and the bottom section is best on big swells at low tide.

Impossibles could be a good option for surfers not ready for Uluwatu or Padang Padang yet. On big swells, Impossibles is for advance surfers only.


Bingin begins where Impossibles ends. It is the place to go if you want to get barreled in Bali.

When the conditions are right, every wave of every set will be a perfect barrel. But good conditions also bring big crowds. Bingin also has a small take-off zone that the locals have dialed-in, so actually catching one of these perfect barrels could be a challenge. 

Bingin is not a long wave, so make the drop, get barreled, and pull out or you’ll be surfing over dry reef. Also watch out for the raised coral at the end of the wave. They call it “Stop Signs” because it has stopped many surfers in their tracks and sent them to the hospital. 

Bingin can be fun for intermediate surfers on small swells at high tide. But on big swells at low tide, it is for experts surfers only.


Dreamland is one of the few mellow beach and reef breaks in the Bukit Peninsula. It attracts a lot of swell and has waves for all levels of surfers.

On big swells at low tide, the outer reef at Dreamland can have great barrels. On a small to medium swell at mid tide, the waves are perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers. And at low tide, the inside beach break is great for shortboards and bodyboards.

A view of Balangan Beach in Bali, Indonesia
Balangan Beach, Bali, Indonesia


Balangan is the last left hand reef break in the Bukit Peninsula. On big swells it turns into a big wave surf spot with long and fast rides. On small swells it is best surfed mid to low tide, when the peaks connect and form long walls.

In the early 1990s, big businesses planned to destroy the reef to build a large marina. Fortunately, local surfers campaigned against it and saved Balangan. The white sand beaches here are beautiful.

Nyang Nyang

Nyang Nyang has breathtaking views with a breathtaking climb. It is not a great wave compared to other waves in Bali, but it could be the most beautiful surf spot on the island.

The views from the top of the cliff are breathtaking and the scenery is stunning. But the walk down to the beach will literally take your breath away, because of the 1200 steep and uneven steps to get down and back up again. So be prepared for a leg workout.

The most popular surf spot at Nyang Nyang is to the right of the beach at the entrance of the channel. It is a short, punchy, right hand wave best surfed on a small swells at high tide. On big swells at low tide, there is another right hand break to the north of the beach.

Nyang Nyang is at the southern tip of the Bukit Peninsula. It receives the full power of the Indian Ocean and has very strong currents. Sharks have also been spotted in these waters. There are very few surfers here, so be aware and be careful when surfing here.

Large wave and surfer at Green Ball in Bali, Indonesia
Green Ball, Bali, Indonesia | Photo: magicseaweed.com

Green Ball

Green Ball used to be a secret spot surfed by a few surfers living in the area during rainy season.

It is best surfed on a medium swell at mid to high tide. Even then, the surf is that not great compared to other waves in Bali. The walk down to the beach and back up again is 1200 steep and uneven steps, just like Nyang Nyang. So be prepared for a leg workout.

Green Ball is at the southern tip of the Bukit Peninsula. It receives the full power of the Indian Ocean and has the strongest currents in Bali. On big swells, the current is dangerously strong and can drag a surfer far out to sea. Sharks have also been spotted in these waters. There are very few surfers here, so be aware and be careful when surfing here.

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