Best Surf Spots in Bali, Indonesia

Best Surf Spots in Bali, Indonesia

From humble beginnings at Kuta Beach, all the way to the thriving industry hub it is today – Bali, without question, is Asia’s home of surfing. As the sport has developed – the number of people traveling from all over the world has increased. It’s easy to see why – the number of fantastic surf spots on the island is nearly limitless. Some are sublime, though, and we want to share our guide to the best surf spots in Bali.

Regional Overview

Bali embodies the concept of paradise. The south Indonesian island is packed with picturesque hills and mountains, white sandy coastlines, volcanic terraces, and lush forests that make up these breathtaking landscapes. Combined with the deep cultural and spiritual roots the island has – the surf culture has thrived.

Top Surf Spots in Bali

There are several spots throughout every corner of the island – all worth visiting in their own right. We know that as a surfer – you can’t help but instantly fall in love with the place. We’ve listed our favorite spots on the island that combine the best of Bali’s surf and cultural features to ensure you have a trip of a lifetime.

Balian Surf Spot, Bali
Balian | Photo:


Medewi serves as the perfect introductory surf spot to the many places to discover. Amongst the cultural vibrancy and relaxed atmosphere – you’ll find waves that are softer contrasting other Bali locations. It’s the perfect beach to get in touch with what the island offers and get in tune with local surf culture.

Medewi is quite a long workable left while there is a solid swell coming from the south, southwest, and west. Waves are softer more often than not, though. There is an assortment of peaks that would be most attractive to beginner to intermediate surfers.


If you’re looking for a holiday to get away from your holiday – Balian Beach is your best bet. The location is not widely traveled, given the surf is very timid compared to the rest of the island. The environment is pleasant, however. And the surf is decent enough for you to relax away from the hustle and bustle of other surf locations.

Waves are not perfect at Balian, but you will find some very rippable A-frame peaks. The beach is a river mouth that offers both rights and lefts with a barrel section when it comes together. Best surfed in the early mornings, or sometimes the late afternoons if the conditions are in your favor. Avoid Balian if there’s a big swell, though – the currents make it dangerous.

Canggu | Photo:


Canggu is one of the more unique surf spots in Bali. The area becomes more of an adventure than a surf session. It is accessed by riding through rice fields – arriving at a black sand strip meeting some versatile waves. The spot has become quite popular as it harnesses a community feeling amongst surfers – accommodating to beginners and experts alike.

There are some varying rides available at Canggu. You’ll find a few soft rolling waves ideal for those just starting out. High-performance and rippable peaks will present themselves for those seeking more of a thrill. Experts will see some wicked barrels come in when the swell is big. It’s a big attraction for the pros, but it will be crowded.

Kuta Beach

If you haven’t heard of Kuta Beach – you’ll need a crash course in the history of surfing in Asia. This is where it all began. To this day, the community serves as the spiritual home of surfing through the continent. There are several peaks along the white sand beaches to hone your skills or ride high with the pros – something for everyone along this stretch.

Kuta Beach’s waves are consistent – making it all the more attractive for visiting surfers and locals. Some of the most quality beach breaks on the island are great for beginners.

Advanced surfers can leverage the high tides in the faster sections of the beach. You can showcase your skills and perform several maneuvers on each wave.

Kuta Reef

Kuta Reef is where you’ll find more expert surfers accepting the challenges of the big swells offshore. It’s considered the original left-hand reef break. It’s quite the swim to get out to the big waves, but you’ll be able to surf some of the most magnificent waves in the world. Make sure you’re full of energy for this because it is no relaxing session by any means!

Kuta Reef offers quite an enormous swell during the dry season. The winds are usually best around early mornings or late afternoons – and you’ll likely find some long-walled, bowling, and very rippable surf. There are some legendary waves to ride out there – crowds will be large because of that.

A wave at Balangan Beach in Bali
Balangan | Photo:

Airport Rights

This spot will probably be one of the first areas you see arriving in Bali – and will more than likely get you itching for a surf. As fantastic as the waves are, certain conditions are needed to get the very best out of the sessions. High tides and no winds are required, which is rare. But when it does happen, it makes for an epic ride.

There’s a vast range of left options on the island. But here, you will get a right-hander. Ideal for beginners in most conditions with a trickling right coming in – but if you’re patient, there can be some ridiculous barrels that form. Locals always keep one eye open on the area for those special days.


Balangan is significant considering its past. Lobbying by professional surfers saved this spot from business development destruction. The beauty and waves still shine, given the dedication and passion of local and international surfers.

Balangan is best around low to mid tide when you can expect some long and racy walls to connect with a few shifting peaks. On the good days, you’ll be presented with some magnificent 300 meter long waves with heights up to 12 feet. Definitely make the journey to get into the local scene – just be chilled and respect the community.

Surfer catches a wave at Dreamland Beach in Bali, Indonesia
Dreamland | Photo:


You can’t beat a name like Dreamland. It’s easy to imagine how the spot got this name – a surfing dream. The area’s vibe feels good, and while the waves aren’t tailored for experts – they are consistent. There are days where you’ll get some big swell that will deliver more exciting sessions. 

Dreamland will feel a bit chaotic during low to mid-tide. The outer beach break will be rolling and disorganized, mainly catering to beginners and longboarders. Lower tides will feel more in line with the dream concept, offering better sections and some barrelling A-frame closer to where rocks and reefs are. Other than that, Dreamland is a great place to enjoy surf culture.


Bingin has only recently begun to thrive as a surfing community. The perfect barrels and local charm provide the ideal competition to head out and enjoy a surf session. Since the waves are excellent most of the time, you will find a lot of other surfers – there isn’t really a quiet time of day. We all want to get the best while in Bali!

Clean and perfect barrels are found at the end of the reef – but be wary of its hazards. Locals enjoy the barrelling waves as they know the spots to avoid the sharp coral. It’s well-known for visitors getting injured when taking the wrong turns, though. If you’re cautious, there are nice 4-foot swells to be had.

Surfers at Padang Padang in Bali
Padang Padang | Photo:


If you’ve ever seen postcards of scenic waves crashing over a golden coastline – that may come from Impossibles. The scenery is phenomenal, but the surf can be challenging. Overcoming the frustrating waves may be rewarding to some – but most others will prefer to enjoy the picturesque views during their sessions.

Though it’s hard to predict the standards for waves at Impossibles, it’s worth pointing out the two main take-off points. The top section will work better when the swell is smaller, and the bottom section better for bigger. There is potential for some perfect 400-meter waves when the conditions are magically in the right spot – but nobody can say when this will happen.

Padang Padang

Padang Padang could easily be known as the Beast of Bali – when the conditions are at their best, surfers from all over the world fly in to take advantage of the magnificent ride. These huge swells are not always present, however. Most of the time, waves are inconsistent – but that still doesn’t stop sizable surf crowds coming down for a ride.

The beach has gotten the nickname of ‘The Balinese Pipeline.’ Big and heavy barrel tubes can form on a few days of the year that forecasts can pick up. A strong and long southwest swell is required with mid-tides and light offshores. Even outside of the right conditions – Padang Padang is dangerous. The area is really for experts and pros only.

Surfer riding huge wave at Uluwatu - best surf spots in Bali, Indonesia
Uluwatu | Photo:


Uluwatu is no longer the isolated paradise made famous by the Morning of the Earth film. But there is some great surf to be had here. There are series of breaks along the coastline for intermediates to experts. The waves vary in size pending on the tides. Lower ones are the more ideal conditions for bigger swells.

Even though the low tide is best – the waves at Uluwatu are remarkably consistent. Any break on the beach will usually be firing at some point in the day, with smaller and medium swells available at all tides. The Peak and The Racetrack sections provide the most rewarding barrels – but during the lowest tides, it does become a bit dangerous for those under the expert skill level.

Nyang Nyang

Nyang Nyang is another spot where the scenery trumps the surf. By Indonesian standards, the waves are not fantastic – but the location is still a great place to ride a few waves and admire the cliffs overlooking the beaches. Highly recommended if there’s any day where you need a chilled surf session. Or maybe you need a little walk through nature.

There are some great right-handers that come from a set of conditions. When the tides are high – and the swell is small, you can get some nice, short rides – but peaks will shift, so the waves won’t be entirely rideable. Just beware of the sharks – the pristine waters also create the perfect habitat for them to thrive.

Surfer riding wave at Green Ball - best surf spots in Bali, Indonesia
Green Ball | Photo:

Green Ball

Green Ball has seen many changes throughout the years. It used to be a secret surf spot only shared by a few – then it became a resort – and has since reverted back to being an isolated location. The surf here isn’t magnificent due to its inconsistency – but if you’re looking to ride a few mediocre waves without the crowds – it’s worth the trip.

On the days you choose to surf at Green Ball, be aware of the strong currents that could suck you out to the sea if you aren’t careful. Otherwise, you’ll find the spot at its best at mid-high tide when there’s a medium-sized swell. If you feel like venturing to the other side of the reef, you’ll find a left-hander waiting for you.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a great place to bring the family if you’re looking for a day on the beach. Surfwise, we’d recommend this for the pros. During the rainy season, the break in the water’s far-reaches is colossal and can be very difficult to catch. If you are pro seeking a challenge, the local fisherman will boat you out to the break for a very modest fee.

If you’re still up for the journey out to the lineup, there will be some 12-15 foot waves ready to crash down on you. Currents are strong, and wave sets often go rogue. Surfers that are a bit more skilled and ready for larger swells can enjoy these rides – taking all necessary precautions, of course.

surfer in a barrel at Serangan - best surf spots in Bali, Indonesia
Serangan | Photo:

Sri Lanka

Nope, it’s not the country – it’s a beach away from the massive waves of Nusa Dua. The atmosphere is slightly more relaxed here with some rideable wives, swelling to some challenges when the conditions are right. Sri Lanka is a more enjoyable day out on the surf – just remember to respect the locals inside and out of the waters.

If the surf gods choose to be kind to Sri Lanka on a particular day, the barrels are as good as any. It can be pretty challenging to ride, though – requiring the surfer to drop in at the peak and enter the barrel. If you miss it, you might find yourself caught up in an unpleasant reef. Talk to the locals to find out about getting the best out of a session here.


You’d almost want to visit Serangan for the journey alone – it’s a pretty surreal trip. Beautiful temples reflecting off a pristine lagoon make this surf location even more magical. Inside the waters, you’ll find some smooth waves meeting the golden shoreline. This is a fabulous spot to visit during the rainy season.

There is some very rideable surf during this period, with several varying peaks that break on any tides. It mainly consists of high-performance waves – but on occasions, you can get some bowling right-handers during a large swell.

A huge wave in Sanur - best surf spots in Bali, Indonesia
Sanur | Photo:

Hyatt Reef

There are days to come to Hyatt Reef, depending on your skill level. Intermediate level surfers can enjoy the solid swell and higher tide some days, where others can get heavy and only ideal for pros. 

When the time is right, there are two main sections into the waves at Hyatt Reef. The outside peak provides some erratic waves that can peel off some excellent barrels. The inside is a little more of a consistent right-hander, which is a bit more welcoming to surfers wanting to pull off a few maneuvers. Worth noting the location is at sea, and winds can affect it easily. It’s worth a trip for anybody – considering that crowds are low most of the year. Anyone that doesn’t quite have their surfing feet can enjoy the views.


Sanur is one of those places where legends are made. When the conditions strike right, surfers will find long barrelling waves – the pipelines that dreams are made of. It’s not always like this, however. And surfers need to be very aware of the local hazards. During low tides – you’ll almost certainly hit a reef during your ride.

You’ll be able to know when Sanur is firing on the days where Nusa Dua waves are over 10-feet. If that’s the case, head on over ASAP to find rides with multiple barrel sections within the bowling waves. When tides get lower, you’ll need to watch out for the sharp coral. Also, respect the community – localism is at its peak at Sanur.

large wave at Keramas - best surf spots in Bali, Indonesia
Keramas | Photo:


Keramas once was a secluded, secret surf spot. Today – not so much. Large crowds come to enjoy the unique surf of the area, where winds seem to have minds of their own. Most days, waves are a bit smaller, catering to intermediate surfers – but on the big days, you’ll definitely want to know what you’re doing.

Keramas has the potential for some perfect rights for high-performance surfing when the swell is small. When it gets big and heavy best leave it to the pros. Sharp reefs and vicious currents can make for a very hazardous surf experience.

Keramas KFC

Keramas KFC is an extension of the beach, adopting similar conditions to its original. Here you’ll find a gorgeous black sand beach in a cultural setting – and good surf sessions are almost universal throughout the year. Again, this place gets very crowded – and you won’t be traveling there to have a relaxing day in the waves. The surf conditions are identical to that of Keramas.


Some spots are more tailored to others, pending on skill level, board type, and what you are looking for out of a surf session. If you aren’t finding the information you are looking for here, including surf conditions and forecast, speak to a local. Surf culture in Bali is at the heart of the island, and no-one knows this better than those born and raised there. They are proud and always happy to help.

Traveling to Bali

Bali is now one of the most well-known surf destinations worldwide and very accessible from several locations. The city of Denpasar on the island has an international airport taking daily flights from many Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific Island locations. If you are outside the Asia Pacific region, traveling to a big city within Asia or Indonesia will likely have a flight to Bali. We can’t wait to see you there.

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