Should You Date a Surfer?

If you’ve ever seen surfers shown on TV or the movies, you might have an image of what they look and act like. They are perfectly shaped, tanned human beings with a dedication to the enjoyment of life. Not all surfers fit that stereotypes, but the sport of surfing has created a culture. It has also presented a few traits that most surfers have in common. If the surfing lifestyle appeals to you, have you ever thought of dating a surfer?

Reasons You Should Date a Surfer

There are plenty of reasons to love surfers. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a short summer fling, why not try dating a surfer? Many shared features among the surfing community make them some of the most exciting people to date. We can give you a few reasons below!

surfer on surfboard in ocean

Surfers taking up the sport are usually in good shape

Surfing is not only a sport, but it’s a full-body exercise. You’ll tend to find that people having surf sessions frequently are in pretty good shape. Looks aren’t always everything, but being in shape means that they’ll be able to sustain physical activities longer. Take what you want from that statement – we’ll leave dating experiences open to the imagination!

Surfers are the kings of cool

Just like the TV and movies – surfers always look and act cool. This is not too far from the truth, as surfers don’t let a whole lot bother them. They are dedicated to the best ride and always maintain an atmosphere of positivity. The surfing lifestyle is donned with coolness – cool clothes, tranquil thoughts, exciting activities – and just about everything else.

A surfer will know all the best holiday spots

Surfers are always keen to learn about new spots to catch the best waves. They are willing to go to the ends of the earth to get there. Some of them will be the most untouched swathes of paradise – beautiful waters, sun, and pristine beaches. Always trust a surfer to whisk you away on a holiday experience to remember.

surfboard and leash

Surfers have a very laid back culture

Being laid back and flexible can be very beneficial to a relationship. A surfer is open to new ideas and generally relaxed about what life throws at them. Mental health experts study surfing and the way it relieves stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling wound up – then perhaps dating a surfer can help alleviate some of that burden.

A surfer has all the qualities of a good relationship

Surfers are accommodating, inclusive, patient, and brave. What’s not to love about those qualities in a relationship? Surfers will always be a stable force when dating them – through the good times and the bad. Because of those values – they make excellent lovers. You’ll find that out pretty quickly when going on a date or two with one!

It’s Possible to Love Both Surfing and Surfers

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned surfer – you may have thought about dating another surfer. Or you may have already done so! Everybody has different tastes in life, but most assuredly, a date experience with a surfer is one you’ll never forget. We can’t recommend giving it a try enough!

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