Signs That You’re a Surfer

The stereotypical description of the surfer is thus. A blond-haired, sun-kissed, and toned human that has a relaxed approach to life. You may not fit into those features, but that does not mean you are not a surfer. Outside of the stereotypes are some of the most beaming signs that surfing is a huge part of your life. So what does it take to define as a surfer?

Signs That You’re a Surfer

It doesn’t take too much to become a fully-blown surfer. Just a few sessions and suddenly you might find that it’s all you can think about. There’s a reason why surf culture is such a big thing today. Surfing is central to everything they do – the clothes they wear, the way they speak, and their community. Surfing may not have engulfed your life, but there are a few signs that say you’re a surfer.

You’ve got the surfer’s eyes

If you’ve spent a lot of time in salty ocean water, your eyes will turn slightly red from the irritation it causes. It only lasts for a short time, but if you are surfing pretty often – that redness may not have time to go away. It’s so widespread with surfers – that it’s even got a name dedicated to the sport – the surfer’s eye.

You’re tanned and toned

Surfing is a great exercise, and you’ll spend a lot of time in the sun. The main stereotype of a surfer is a person that is in great shape. This concept isn’t too far off reality. You may not look like the fittest person in the gym, but you’ll look toned from the physical demands of surfing. The sun comes with the practice and tells a person you’ve been surfing.

You’re always thinking about your next holiday

There are many surf spots in the world to travel to – popular and untouched. Surfers spend their lives trying to catch waves in every destination they can. Even when you’re on a surfing vacation, you might already be thinking about the next one.

If you find yourself daydreaming about a session in a new location – you’re definitely a surfer.

ocean waves

You get anxious when you’re far away from water

If you’re into history – there’s a note that Vikings never used to like going inland too much. That’s because it took them far from their ships, which was their livelihood. The same applies to surfers. If you feel anxious being too far from water, it means that surfing is one of the most significant aspects of your life.

Every other conversation is something to do with surfing

If you get excited talking about surfing – that is the ultimate sign you are a surfer. There are enormous communities that share the love of surfing in common – and that is all they talk about. Chatting about anything else seems boring – and stories that don’t involve catching waves seem mundane. Surfing is life if nearly every conversation has something to do with the activity.

Now You Know You’re a Certified Surfer

There you have it. If you’ve ticked any of those boxes, then congratulations – you’re a full-blown surfer. You can wear that badge with pride or hide it as much as you want. There’s no denying, however, that you are quite the enthusiast. As a surfer, you are always among friends – and a valued member of the surfing community.

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Signs That You’re a Surfer

There’s a reason why surf culture is such a big thing today, surfing is central to everything surfers do. Although surfing may not have taken over your life, there are a few signs that say you’re a surfer.

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