Best Surf Spots in South Asia

South Asia's best surf

Best Surf Spots in South Asia

South Asia as a region consists of mostly landlocked countries. The surf spots are limited compared to other regions in Asia – this is mainly due to the swells being less powerful and shorter.  But many islands in the Indian ocean boast some of the most superior beaches and waters in the world, with surf spots not to be missed, especially in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Colossal waves meet some of the cleanest shorelines you’ve ever seen. 

If you are a surfer trying to visit the most extraordinary destinations – don’t miss out on South Asia. This region has waves totally ideal for surfing, mixed with cultures that create a memorable experience. Here are some of the best surf spots in South Asia.

Surfers catching waves in Bangladesh, South Asia
Bangladesh | Photo: Flickr - Surfing Bangladesh

Bangladesh | IndiaMaldives | Pakistan | Sri Lanka


The small country of Bangladesh is located on the Bay of Bengal, sharing borders with India and Myanmar. It has a unique surf scene and good waves to be surfed year-round thanks to its tropical weather. 

Cox’s Bazar

Did you know that Bangladesh has some of the longest beaches in the world? Cox’s Bazaar is definitely one of them. The golden sands are accessible year-round with consistent waves tailored to all surf experiences. Not many visit this beach as a surf location – making it all the more attractive to grab some uninterrupted rides all day long.

Kalatoli Beach

Bangladesh is a haven for adventurous surfers. Outside of the surfing hub of Cox’s Bazar, there are surf spots not to be forgotten. The beach stretches for miles unbroken, with some smooth waves arriving on the shoreline.


Inani is a hugely popular location for locals and tourists alike. It may not have the visual appeal as a beach resort would – but there is a certain charm that makes surf sessions at this place quite unique.

Kovalam, India | Photo: Flickr - Matthieu Waddell

Bangladesh | IndiaMaldives | Pakistan | Sri Lanka


India is the largest country in South Asia, with a coastline of over 4,700 miles. Its exposure to the swells of the Indian Ocean makes it a good location to catch some waves.

And although India has small surfing communities, the sport is starting to become more popular, especially to tourists. There are many consistent waves throughout the year for surfers of all skills.


This Indian temple village is one of the most idyllic surf locations in the world. The whole setting aligns with surf culture and activity so well. A fantastic, peaceful, and embracing aura comes from the Hindu religion – and the surrounding scenery harbors waves that are immersive for all surfers. During May-September, you’ll find some massive swells, too!

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is found south of India and is probably the best-known surf location in the country. The vibrancy and cultural flair resonate in the waters and out – embracing all surfers.

Gokarna Beach

India is not short of beautiful surf locations, and Gokarna Beach is yet another one. Waves are not massive, but they are consistent. 

The spot is excellent for those beginners and intermediates looking to improve their surf skills.

A surfer riding a wave in Maldives, South Asia
Maldives | Photo:

Bangladesh | IndiaMaldives | Pakistan | Sri Lanka


The Maldives is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, comprised of hundreds of tiny islands, all special in their own right for surfers. The Male Atolls are a haven for surfers between the May and October months, with swells that will blow your mind.

North Male Atolls

The North Male Atolls is a surfing spot that every surfer aspires to visit. It’s tricky to get to – but should you make it, the surf is unbelievable. It features some of the cleanest breaks in the world – you’ll be riding pretty with waves that are almost entirely consistent. It really is a surfing dream come true.

The Central Atolls

You’d probably guess where the Central Atolls are located – yes, in the center of the Maldives. These waves are less consistent and not as kind to beginner surfers. You will find some absolutely magnificent breaks here through the summer months.

The Makran Coast in Pakistan, South Asia
Makran Coast | Photo:

Bangladesh | IndiaMaldives | Pakistan | Sri Lanka


Located along the Arabian Sea, Pakistan is home to many beautiful beaches. Pakistan is also unique in that it has every geological structure – deserts, green, dry and ice-covered mountains, forests, seas and more. 

While there isn’t a big surf culture in Pakistan, you can find some nice waves to ride if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Ras Pishukan

Pakistan doesn’t often show up on the surf radar. But during the summer months, the waves at Ras Pishukan are fantastic – high and phenomenally rideable. They are pretty inconsistent, but when the time is right, you won’t get much better.

French Beach

We’re not sure where the name came from but be assured this destination is nothing like the surf in France. During monsoon season, the surf on the coast is brilliant, with some classy waves breaking at the height of summer. There are also some huts to stay in if you’re feeling rather cultural.

Makran Coast

If you are looking for a reclusive surfing experience – look no further than the Makran Coast. The coastline falls off desert roads, where it’s likely you’ll be the only surfer there. Waves are not huge, but the unusual location can make a fascinating entry into your surf journal.

Surfer catching wave at Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, South Asia
Arugam Bay | Photo:

Bangladesh | IndiaMaldives | Pakistan | Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country that lies just south of India in the Indian Ocean. It is well-known for its surfing and has various surf breaks – reef, beach, and point, making surfing in Sri Lanka suitable for all skill levels.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay has been described as Bali away from Bali – owing to its similar vibe, environment, and culture. The beaches tailor to advanced and beginner surfers alike with varying breaks and reliable wave consistency. The local wildlife also includes elephants and exotic birds for those feeling a bit more adventurous.


Hikkaduwa is a known party town of Sri Lanka – so there will be plenty to do once you’re done riding the aqua blue waves. The destination actually used to be a dedicated surfing village. But has now grown into a popular area for tourists and surfers enjoying its long sandy beaches and good waves.


Unawatuna is a bit more family-friendly with its smaller waves and relaxed vibe. But locals still travel to the various spots to catch good breaks when they come in. The town is still one of the best the island offers, and the laid-back atmosphere makes it all the better.

When In Doubt, Surf South!

There are many places you’d probably choose to travel to first. Most surfing spots in South Asia are a bit isolated. If you feel like you need something different – there aren’t many surf locations quite like those found in the Maldives and Sri Lanka. If you’re feeling any doubt about your next surfing vacation – choose South!

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